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  • A large bed with built-in under-cage (for naughty slaves to sleep whilst their Dominant rests on comfort)
  • En-suite shower room
  • Electric Winch
  • Throne
  • Leather Body Bags
  • ‘Motorbike’ Spanking Bench 
  • Gibbet Cage
  • Rope, Whips, Canes etc..



Welcome to Demonic’s Dungeon! First founded 28 years ago, we pride ourselves on offering the very best of BDSM and fetish-related facilities for private and business use. We offer:

♠    3 fully equipped dungeons available for hourly, daily, or overnight rental. Private or professional, singles, couples, groups and parties. Treat yourself to a BDSM B&B!

♥    Photo and video facilities for professional and amateur BDSM artists – lights, cameras and technicians; film/photo editing services; male and female dominant, submissive, and switch models available on request. We are also fully equipped for webcam streaming.

♣     Professional BDSM practitioners: Dominant, submissive and switch, male and female available to book sessions with. Contact us to discuss your requirements. No sexual services.

♦     Custom dungeon furniture made to order by Master Keith, builder and designer of quality and unique BDSM equipment for over 40 years.

♠     Full makeover service for trans women, ladies and girls – clothes, wigs, shoes and makeup provided, or feel free to bring your own!

♥     BDSM tutorials and workshops – 1:1 and groups taught by Master Keith – from safe equipment use to advanced techniques.

♣   Body piercing, tattooing, Botox and other body modifications done in house by experienced practitioners.

To book with us please call 07704020782/07812782294

email info@demonicsdungeon.com

Please be sure to specify the nature of your booking!